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If you have discoloured teeth, it may make you imsecure in certain social situations.

Many people have problems with the colour of their teeth for various reasons. One’s teeth may even suddenly, become discoloured and the quality of his or her smile is adveresly impacted.

Although teeth are not naturally meant to be totally white. Teeth naturally darken with age and their appearance can be affected by the accumulation of surface stains acquired from the use of tobacco products and the consumption of certain foods or drinks.

With a variety of tooth whitening procedures available, whitening your teeth has never been more accessible. It is vital to have realistic expectations when evaluating your final results; it may take a number of treatments to achieve a whiter smile.

Teeth whitening, also known as bleaching is a common dental technique. The particular teeth whitening process begins with a minor cleaning and removal of any plaque along the gum line. Once this has been accomplished, a peroxide based gel is applied to the teeth. This gel contains a professional strength formula that guarantees the laser accomplishes the maximum possible amount of teeth whitening. Next, a special light is used to activate the gel.

The procedure typically takes about an hour, and whitens teeth by as many as 10 shades.

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There are simple habits to keep teeth strong and healthy from childhood to old age.

There are so many good reasons to keep your family’s teeth and gums healthy.

You can chew for good nutrition and avoid painful and expensive cavities, oral diseases, and infections of the mouth like gingivitis, bad breath or yellowing teeth. Researches have also shown that plaque buildup on teeth can lead to artery and heart disease.

Fortunately, there are simple habits to keep teeth strong and healthy from childhood to old age.

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Are you in pain and need to see a dentist immediately?

If you have strong toothache or tooth pain, It’s a dental emergency! Any damage to teeth or gums can be very serious and should never be ignored.

Emergency patients suffering tooth pain are always welcome and served with priority.

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